Miralex e-TV
specialized TV channel of medical knowledge

Miralex e-TV is the one of the latest project of Miralex.

It is a specialized channel of medical knowledge, which was created in response to the needs of the entire medical community. In the pharmaceutical and medical trade access to current and reliable information is the basis for building relationships with patients and effectively solve their problems.

In Poland directly with the patient operates nearly 140.000 medical staff  and 30.000 pharmacists. Every year 14.500 pharmacies provides their services Polish patients. This huge market constantly develops and improves. We use more and more advanced technologies and medicines.

170.000 specialists every day improving her skills and knowledge and for them to have created a special channel of medical knowledge, which we inform you about innovations in the pharmaceutical market. We are talking about the problems with which the daily work contact doctors, pharmacists, nurses and midwives, as well as issues that they want to move the patients themselves. This specialized channel of medical knowledge we create together with you. Supporting by the knowledge and experience of outstanding Polish authorities in the world of medicine we will discuss topics that interest you the most. We rely on facts supported by scientific research, the reliability and professionalism, which in today’s flood of online counseling are becoming scarce.

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