For our partners we conduct extensive market research
as well as marketing research of the pharmaceutical market in Poland. The results clearly indicate how successful the launch of a new product onto the Polish market will be. 


Our Registration Department ensures that the procedures of product introduction on the market comply with the formal requirements.
The responsibilities of the department include the registration and re-registration of products in accordance with the law, the development of all registration dossiers and monitoring guidelines issued by the Registration Office.


As part of our business we develop individual marketing strategies for each product. The starting point for the strategy development is the medical category of the product, its indication, the target group and the existing competition.


We entrust the promotion of the products distributed by our company to highly qualified and well trained Medical and Pharmaceutical Representatives. Their main responsibilities include making contact with doctors, pharmacists, nurses and midwives and presenting our products to all the parties. We also launch advertising campaigns in the specialist and mass press, which play an important role in the promotional activity. To promote our products we actively participate in national medical conferences, congresses and symposia, which enables us to maintain regular contact with the medical community.

Moreover, we are also organizers of numerous conferences, training sessions and workshops for doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and cosmetologists. We have our own Conference Centre comprising several modern and fully equipped conference rooms, meant for approximately 300 people. Additionally, the Conference Centre provides accommodation facilities for 230 people, which makes it a convenient place for few days’ meetings. 

Since 2003 the ‚Healthy Legs’ has been carried out under the patronage of Miralex. This educational programme is designed to promote proper foot care to the general public and to offer a range of workshops on specialist foot care to beauticians, cosmetologists, nurses and physicians.


For many years we have been working with the most prominent pharmaceutical wholesalers, who operate in the entire country. The distribution of cosmetic products is carried out through a nationwide network of distributors. Additionally, we work directly with a large number of beauty salons in Poland.
Our warehouse facilities and logistic support ensure fast and efficient delivery of goods to customers all over the country.


Besides producing our own products, we offer
the following services:
• contract manufacturing – gels, ointments, creams and lotions
• production for clinical research
• production of laboratory scale
• packaging service in accordance with GMP