Feminum Aktiv moisturising intimate gel


with hyaluronic acid

Tuba 30 g.



About the product:
Feminum ACTIV gel contains sodium hyaluronate, which assists the regeneration of the mucosa in the vagina
Feminum AKTIV safely replaces personal moisture and facilitates intimate contact. The gel can be used with condoms, unlike other oil-based formulations
Feminum AKTIV facilitates applying tampons, ultrasound tests and a rectal temperature measurement.
Especially recommended for woman after antibiotic therapy in recurrent irritations, hormonal dysfunction,
the menopause, after childbirth and surgery, in case of painful relations with vaginal dryness caused by stress, as well as age and estrogen deficiency
Feminum ACTIV can be used by pregnant woman and nursing mothers

Reduction of dryness and deficiencies in release of vaginal mucus (e.g. due to lower levels of estrogens). Moisturizing and protection of vaginal mucous membrane against aggressive chemical and biological factors.
This product helps in:
sexual contact in case of vagina dryness (also using condoms),
gynecological or ultrasonographic examination,
tampons or vaginal tablets application,
temperature measurement.
Active substance:
lactic acid, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin

10 g, 30 g and 60 g,
tubes with vaginal applicator

Type of product:
medical device, class IIa