Feminum moisturising intimate gel

Moisturising intimate gel

Tube 40 g. and 60 g.



About the product:
Feminum gel is a special product which eliminates the shortage of mucus and facilitates sexual intercourses
during vaginal dryness (can be used with condoms also)
Feminum gel is suitable for medical usage– it facilitates medical examinations, e.g. gynecological, ultrasound or proctological examinations, and enforcement of certain treatments
Feminum gel can be used during illnesses accompanied by dryness of vaginal mucosa, as an auxiliary preparation.

Feminum gel protects against abrasions which often lead to infections of vagina and external genitals
Feminum gel can be used by pregnant woman and nursing mothers
Feminum gel can be used many times a day, with no age limits, regularly and appropriately to the needs, also by pregnant women and nursing mothers.
A small amount of gel should be applied to places exposed to abrasion – before intimate contact or
medical examination. It can also be applied directly on the condom.

Reduction of dryness and deficiencies in release of vaginal mucus.
This product helps in:
sexual contact in case of vagina dryness (also using condoms),
gynecological or ultrasonographic examination,
tampons or vaginal tablets application,
temperature measurement.

Active substance:
glycerin, lactic acid

40 g and 60 g tubes

Type of product:
medical device, class IIa