Ginexid Gynecological Foam



Ginexid cleansing foam provides a gentle cleansing action thanks to its formulation with no colouring, no preservatives and no aggressive surfactants.

It is indicated for the daily intimate care and for the prevention and resolution of bacterial or fungal infections.

It is also useful in situations with increased risk of infection (swimming pools, gyms, beaches, use of synthetic or tight clothes, use of tampons or panty-liners, after sexual intercourses), in particular periods of female life (pregnancy, postpartum, menstrual cycle) and in the pre- and postoperative prophylaxis in gynecological surgery.

The acid pH (4.5) maintains and restores the proper degree of vaginal acidity and the undecylenic acid, present in the formulation, carries out, together with chlorhexidine, a mild antiseptic action.

Spray formulation reduces the risk of contamination and alteration of the product.

Spray bottle of 150 ml.