L3 Prurigo

Protective solution in the prevention of itching

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About the product:
L3 Prurigo is a product with the protective and care action, protects against long-term irritants. It is used as a
protective solution in the prevention of itching (soothes itching), burning, blisters and skin irritation. Its ingredients
effectively alleviate itching.
Does not contain steroids.
For topical application to the intimate areas, such as perineum, anus, please use the applicator included in the
package, it must be screwed onto the tube before use. The applicator facilitates usage of the ointment between
folds of the skin also.

Indications: moisturizing, lubrication and protection of mucosa and skin against irritating factors.
This product is recommended in the following conditions: prevention of itching, alleviation of itching, burning, sores and irritations or mucosa or skin (e.g. around private parts).

Active substance: 
lanolin, white petrolatum, liquid paraffin, paraffinum laureth-9 (polidokanol), salvia

10 g and 25 g, tubes with applicator

Type of product:
cosmetic product