A long-term protection of the urogenital system




About the product:
UroLact® contains a specific composition of two live probiotic bacteria strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus PL1 and Lactobacillus plantarum PM1. Lactic acid bacteria rods contained in the preparation beneficially influence the microflora of the urogenital system and the vagina, thanks to the ability to inhibit multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and yeast-like fungi (Candida) which constitute the most frequent cause of bacterial and fungal infections of the urogenital tracts.
Such effective action of the preparation is possible thanks to strong adhesion of probiotic bacteria to the epithelium of the urogenital tracts and expulsion of uropathogenic microorganisms. Moreover, the bacteria strains contained in UroLact® produce a number of substances inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms (lactic acid, acetic acid, bacteriocins et al.), which is beneficial to the pH of the urogenital tracts and prevents other infections.

This product is recommended for dietary purposes in the following conditions:
restoration and maintenance of normal microflora of urogenital system (urethra, vagina)
and rectum by inhibition of pathogenic strains, and supply of natural bacterial strains,
as prophylaxis and support of treatment of inflammation or infections occurring
in urogenital system, including complicated infections,
as prophylaxis and support of treatment of vaginal yeast infection,
as prophylaxis prior to surgery of rectum or anus,
as prophylaxis of other conditions that could increase a risk of urogenital infections,
during and after use of antibiotics, hormone replacement therapy or contraceptives.

Active substance: 
Lactobacillus rhamnosus PL1- lyophilisate and Lactobacillus plantarum PM1 – lyophilisate(~2 x 109 CFU/2g),
inulin 200 mg/2g

10 and 30 sachets;each sachet contains 2 g of powder.

Type of product:
dietary food for special medical purposes